Gelato from Scratch In person class - Chef Sabrina Mancin

Gelato from Scratch In person class

Learn to make gelato in this super comprehensive, interactive and delicious two-day gelato class.
This gelato class is for those who are either thinking of opening a gelato shop or want to take their existing one to the next level.
Because following gelato recipes will only get you so far, this gelato course will allow you to make the type of gelato that you have envisioned and that will have your customers dreaming about coming back.

I have been teaching gelato courses for 14 years and one thing is clear, what you will learn here will make your gelato shop stand out among the rest. Not only because you’ll be making a killer and unique gelato but because you will be running a better and more efficient business.

I have also attended many gelato courses in the past and most can become boring and complicated. That’s why I developed a unique way of teaching this class that will actually make you excited about learning and wanting more.

You will even be able to challenge yours truly with a novel flavor picked amongst yourselves and you’ll get to ask all the questions you want!

Oh! And did I mention there’s an Aperitivo Time at the end of class? 😉

Does this sound like you?

You can’t find gelato shops around you that make good quality and delicious gelato and to make matters worse…you know you could do better!

You are ready to change careers and become a gelato shop owner or expand your existing business but you don’t know where to begin.

You know you need to learn first and get some professional guidance but you’re a busy person and need a one stop course that can answer all your questions.

What you get:

Spaces are limited so enroll today and take the first step to building a successful gelato shop!