Gelato from Scratch Online Class - Chef Sabrina Mancin

Gelato from Scratch Online Class

This course is created for the entry and intermediate level gelato lover who wants to acquire the necessary knowledge to learn how to make gelato on their own time and pace.

Oh and, did I mention the course includes 20 recipes?

Whether it’s soft, sweet and refreshing, rich or dense, you will be able to create the perfect gelato for you and your customers. Basically, the imagination is the limit.

Gelato from Scratch

During this online course you will learn the basic but very important theory behind the development and production of Gelato so that you can start creating your own recipes and making some delicious treats!

We will start by understanding what gelato is and how it compares to ice cream.

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We continue with the major raw ingredients so that you have a better understanding of their behavior in a recipe. Then, we talk about the components of gelato, which will forever change the way you think about how food is made and the balancing parameters one should follow to create original recipes that work.

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You will learn how to interpret balanced recipes to truly understand how small changes can make a big difference and how this allows you to create a gelato exactly targeted to your customers and your wildest dreams.  Finally, we make the most classical gelato flavors which are the building blocks for so many other amazing flavors.

And remember, after all the math and science and theory, we have to TASTE, TASTE, TASTE! We’re not magicians we’re just making gelato here, we have to TASTE!

Now there’s only one thing I won’t allow you to do…and that’s to make bad gelato!

So come on, join me in this exiting and creative world. 

Let’s go make some gelato!

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The Syllabus

What is Gelato?

I introduce gelato and give some basic information about its composition.

What is Ice Cream?

Here you learn what Ice Cream (American-US style) is, it’s legal definition or “standard of identity” and some of the parameters it must follow to be called “Ice Cream.” I also say a few words about its value and how it compares to gelato.

Raw Ingredients

These are the most important ingredients to make gelato.  You will learn their main functions in a recipe.

Components of Gelato

You will learn the components of gelato and how they affect everything from texture and flavor, to the behavior of the final product. These concepts will forever change the way you think about what food is made of.

Production Cycle

Here you learn the different methods you have to make gelato, the machines you could use in your shop and how to organize your production schedule to be efficient and productive in the kitchen.

Mixed Berries Sorbet

You will learn how to calculate a recipe for sorbets and obviously, we are going to make it!


Balancing is the creation of new recipes. In this course you will learn how to interpret balanced recipes to truly understand how small changes in an ingredient can make a big difference.

Getting the Numbers

Here you will understand how to calculate the numbers that make up a balanced recipe, which will allow you to make changes and create a gelato exactly targeted to your customers and your wildest dreams.

Stracciatella and Coffee Gelato

During the following videos you will see me make some of the most important gelato flavors using the different production methods learned in previous modules.  We start with Fior di Latte and Stracciatella and then Coffee.

Hazelnut (Nocciola) Gelato

A staple in artisanal gelato, hazelnut or nocciola is a must in every gelato shop!

Chocolate Gelato

A chocolate gelato can be made in a myriad of different ways.  Here you will learn a tried-and-true way that will please everyone alike.

Vanilla Gelato

This is one of the most important ice cream flavors and here, you learn how to make it as a gelato in the traditional way using egg yolks.

Once you enroll, this course is to keep for you forever and to finish at your own pace. You get 12 information packed videos plus 10 gelato and 10 sorbet recipes for you to start churning some finger-liking treats.