About - Chef Sabrina Mancin

“My goal is to make palatable memories and show you that it is actually not that hard to cook good food.”


My name is Sabrina Mancin.  I’m a chef, food lover, world traveler, entrepreneur, insatiate learner, teacher and a make-believe professional dancer. My heritage is a colorful and delicious cocktail of influences all of which have shaped who I am, how I cook and think.

I was born and raised in Venezuela with an Argentinean mom, Italian dad and now married to a son of Portuguese.

I have also lived and worked in Italy, Angola and most of my life here in the US where I also obtained my college and masters degrees.


I have been lucky enough to have a career that has taken me to many places around the world and most importantly, has allowed me to meet amazing people who I constantly learn from.

I have owned a private catering company, worked in Italy at a culinary institute, done consulting in different countries and most recently, owned NANNDI, a Frozen Cream and Pastry Shop in Miami, Fl. which I closed right as the pandemic hit. I now focus on private consulting for gelato and ice cream shops, teaching through online courses, YouTube videos and in-person classes. I collaborate with a couple of brands related to the ice cream and gelato industry and I try to be very active on Social Media to get to know all of you and create a community of people who love to eat, learn about food, cook and taste, taste, taste!


Good food makes people happy…period.  My goal is to make palatable memories and show you that it is actually not that hard to cook good food.  Let’s face it; there are few things more satisfying than a smile drawn on someone’s face when they taste your food or when your food brings lovely memories. But it is even better when your food becomes that memory.

I also believe good food has the power to bring everyone together.  It is what we share with family and friends, what nurtures our hearts and bodies, what we have when we celebrate or when we need comfort and it is also known to relieve some nervous breakdowns! As a Chef, I have the responsibility to make sure that the food we make is good for the soul, but also for the body and the environment

Tasty food starts with good quality ingredients that deserve respect and good handling; there is no other way around it.  Then the techniques, which I hope to teach you, are what differentiate a good dish from a memorable one, add a pinch of soul and you are in their lives forever!