Yogurt and Olive oil Cake with Lemon glaze - Chef Sabrina Mancin

Yogurt and Olive oil Cake with Lemon glaze

The inspiration for this tart is the popular Austrian torte called Linzer from where also the Linzer cookies come from. I love the combination of raspberries and almonds so I decided to give the tart a twist by incorporating almond flour in the dough and an almond cream that bakes with the tart shell creating a thicker crust but with two textures.


This recipe is for exactly a 16-inch long LOAF pan. HOWEVER if you cut the recipe in HALF, it will fit a regular size BUNDT pan.

• All purpose flour 460g = 16oz
• Almond flour 169g = 6oz
• Baking powder 29g = 1oz (7 ¼ tsp)


• Sugar 736g = 26oz
• Eggs 552g = 19oz (10 whole+1 yolk)
• Vanilla extract 7g = 1 tsp
• Kosher salt 4g = 1 tsp


• 0% Greek yogurt 414g = 15oz
• Lemon zest 6g = 4T
• Lemon juice 40g = 1.5oz


• Extra virgin olive oil 313g = 11oz


• Powdered sugar 200g = 7oz
• Lemon juice 80g = 3oz
• Lemon zest 3g = 2T


This cake is delicious as a breakfast or an afternoon treat with coffee or tea. Enjoy!

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