Tableside Caesar dressing over seared Belgium Endive - Chef Sabrina Mancin

Tableside Caesar dressing over seared Belgium Endive

Tableside preparations are unfortunately no longer common in restaurants. However this doesn’t mean you cant do them at home for your family or guests. Besides, this version with seared Belgium endives is the most delicious way to show off!


Yield: 4 people and extra dressing:

• 4 anchovie fillets
• 1 tsp mustard or Dijon
• ½ tsp black pepper grnd
• ¼ tsp salt
• 1 yolk
• ½ cup evoo
• ½ cup canola oil
• 2 T Plain Greek yogurt


• 2 Belgium endives
• extra virgin olive oil
• salt
• black pepper
• plain croutons either homemade or store bought.





Serve while the endive is still warm with the crunchy croutons and some nice dollops or your homemade super creamy Caesar dressing.

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