Risotto Class - Chef Sabrina Mancin


The art, techniques and science

Whether you are a food enthusiast or a professional Chef, this online class will teach you everything you need to know to make the perfect risotto every time. 

Risotto is an extremely satisfying and totally customizable dish but we all know it requires a certain skill set that you may not yet have.  This course is for everyone who loves risotto and really…like… REALLY wants to learn how to make it. 

In this risotto course you will learn from the different types of rice and why we need to use a specific type, to the thought process behind creating a risotto that will amuse our palates and will make your guests wanting more. 

You will learn how to make the stocks or broths needed for a super flavorful base and I will teach you how I like to build flavors over flavors every step of the way, something you will be able to apply to all of your dishes.

Most importantly, in this risotto class you’ll learn the series of techniques you have to follow to get the perfect combination of a creamy risotto achieved through the right treatment of the starches from start to finish, and an “al dente” rice that will have the right chewiness and delicious texture.

And then if you really want and you are a nerd like me…there’s also a little section about the “Why?” or the science behind the techniques used to make risotto… Like I said, only if you are really into these things 😉

See what you’ll learn… sauté

The Syllabus

I. Introduction

II. Where does risotto come from?
Italy of course, but where? and why is the geography important in understanding how to make a killer risotto.

III. Types of rice
What are the types of rice, which are the best for making risotto and why is this important.

IV. Important points about risotto
Risotto will absorb all the flavors added to it…so why is this important?

Risotto can be monotonous.
You need to add amusement to it… but how?

Portion control. How much and when to serve it.

V. Pots; the good, the bad and the ugly
Which type of pot is the best for making risotto.

VI. Risotto al Parmigiano Reggiano topped with cheese crisp or aged balsamic vinegar
Learn how to make the absolutely essential rich vegetable stock to make your risotto.

Learn the fundamental techniques to make risotto from start to finish and surprise your guests by learning how to sauté the rice (“mantecare”) and become a freaking rockstar in your kitchen!

Make a crispy cheese crisp to top it all off.

VII. Risotto ai funghi
“Mushroom Trifolata” is the mushroom cooking technique you need to know to make the absolutely most flavorful risotto with mushrooms you will ever taste!
Let’s add that to our risotto techniques and boom! Mushroom bomb!

VIII. Risotto ai gamberi topped with sautéed shrimp
Learn how to make the shrimp stock needed to increase the flavor of this risotto to the fullest.
Add shrimp with two different textures
To cheese or not to cheese…that is the question!

IX. Risotto with brown rice and orange butter topped with hazelnuts
Yep…you can make risotto with brown rice…as long as it’s the appropriate one. Learn how.
Make a delicious orange butter to finish it off.

X. Risotto pudding topped with cinnamon white chocolate rice puffs
And you thought that risotto could not be served for dessert… No way, there is ALWAYS room for dessert!

Learn how to make a delicious spiced milk to cook the risotto pudding and the techniques needed to make it creamy but not overcooked.

Make a super crispy puffed rice topping with white chocolate and cinnamon that I know you’ll want to add to many other desserts or simply eat in front of the TV!

XI. Food Science… The “WHY?” about all the risotto techniques
If you are into that, here’s a more scientific explanation about why each technique used to make risotto not only exists and works but is essential for the best results!

XII. But WAIT! There’s MORE!
When you enroll in this course you will also get another five delicious risotto recipes that you will absolutely be able to make with your eyes closed after learning everything in this class!

Once you enroll, this course is for you to keep forever, complete at your own pace… and start cooking right away!