Ricotta bread with pistachios and orange - Chef Sabrina Mancin

Ricotta bread with pistachios and orange

Bomboloni are traditional Italian donuts filled with different creams like pastry cream and Nutella. The whole process is in my YouTube video so check it out for a complete class on the procedure!


• 400g + 100g Unbleached all purpose flour
• 10g Active dry yeast
• 33g Sugar
• 14g Kosher salt
• 12g Vanilla paste or extract
• 80g + 60g Water, room temperature
• 80g Whole or 2% milk
• 150g Ricotta cheese (good quality!)
• 55g Butter, unsalted
• 7g Orange zest (about one full orange)
• 3g Orange extract
• 150g Pistachios, roasted, salted


This bread is amazing the day it is baked, however it is to die for sliced, toasted and drizzled with honey the following days.

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