“Nocino” | Italian Walnut Liquor - Chef Sabrina Mancin

“Nocino” | Italian Walnut Liquor

Nocino is a traditional Italian liquour made of walnuts and traditionally started on the night of June 23rd to celebrate today, the day of St. John the Baptist. Green or unripe walnuts are picked from the trees, cracked opened and left to macerate in alcohol and in the sun until October 31st. It is then combined with a sugar syrup and enjoyed during the wintertime.



• 15 green walnuts (unripe)
• 500mL pure grain alcohol (food grade 95% proof)
• 2 cloves
• 1 cinnamon stick
• small piece of lemon or orange rind


• 250mL water
• 250g sugar


• Large glass jar either with a regular lid or a lid with a clip but without the rubber band to seal it.
• Glass bottle to keep the Nocino once it is done.


Enjoy as a digestive or end-of-the-meal liquor during the wintertime!

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