Movie Night Popcorn - Chef Sabrina Mancin

Movie Night Popcorn

This recipe combines my two favorite snacks, popcorns and pretzels! It also has some chocolate and salted peanuts and the caramel sauce with just a hint of rosemary brings everything together creating big chunks of crunchy yumminess!




• 55g = 5 cups Plain salted popcorn (no butter or other flavorings)
• 45g = 1 ½ cups Mini pretzels
• 70g = ½ cup Peanut, roasted, salted*
• 80g = ½ cup Dark or semi-sweet chocolate chunks
• Cooking spray

*You can substitute for your favorite nut or omit completely.


• 227g = 8oz Sugar
• 113g = 4oz Water
• 113g = 4oz Light brown sugar
• 100g = 3.5oz Light corn syrup
• 9g = 1 ½ tsp Baking soda
• 5g = 1 full tsp Salt
• Rosemary spring (optional but highly encourage it!)
• You will need a thermometer and a silicone spatula for this. Disposable latex or vinyl gloves are also recommended to protect your hands.



Enjoy watching your favorite movie with your favorite person (persons ☺)

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