Maritozzo - Chef Sabrina Mancin


Maritozzi are traditional Roman soft bread buns similar but less rich than a brioche.  They are usually filled with pastry cream, whipped cream or a combination.  Here I filled them with my strawberry gelato!


• 65g water (30ºC)
• 5g dry yeast
• 8g honey
• 30g sugar
• 250g all-purpose or 00' flour
• 50g = x1 large egg
• 40-50g = x2 yolks
• 1 tsp lemon or orange zest
• 565g Carrots
• 8g Kosher salt
• 55g butter, unsalted, room temp.
• 60g Butter, unsalted

•¼ milk + 1 yolk to brush before baking
•Powder sugar for dusting after baking


Enjoy in the afternoon with a lovely tea, coffee or even for breakfast!

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