Homemade Labneh with toppings - Chef Sabrina Mancin

Homemade Labneh with toppings

Labneh is simply drained yogurt which as it thickens, becomes the most versatile food you can make and it really only requires one ingredient and a little bit of time. In this case I topped it with some of my favorite toppings all with different textures, flavors and acidities making this dip a bomb of fun feelings with every bite.



• 454g = 16oz Yogurt, whole fat or 2%


• Crispy chickpeas
• ¼ cup Green onions, finely chopped
• 3 T Apple Cider vinegar (I use Zoë’s)
• 2 tsp Sumac
• Zoë’s Pyramid Salt, Maldon Salt or another coarse salt to sprinkle on top
• Extra Virgin Olive Oil to drizzle on top (I use Zoë’s)
*You can obviously change the toppings to your liking and you could even pick sweet toppings like honey, nuts and fruits.


Serve with crispy pita chips or toasted bread and enjoy!

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