Hollandaise Sauce - Chef Sabrina Mancin

Hollandaise Sauce

This is that creamy bright yellow buttery sauce you see over eggs Benedict during Sunday brunch. Many people don’t make it at home though because it has the reputation of curdling, however I encourage you to check out my IGTV on my Instagram account for a complete tutorial that will show you how easy it is to make!


• 200g = 7oz Melted butter, unsalted
• x3 = 60g = 2oz Yolks
• 1 T = 15g Cold water
• 1 T = 15g An acid which can be: Lemon juice, white vinegar or white wine
• 1 T = 14g = ½ oz Cold butter, unsalted
• Salt to taste

Equipment: preferably a small stainless steal, thick bottom pot and a hand whisk NOTE: Just so you notice, the recipe is actually 3oz (85g) of butter per yolk (20g)


Serve over you runny eggs Benedict, combined with tarragon for chicken or steak, over steamed or grilled asparagus and so many more dishes!

Do you really want to learn?