Focaccia Pugliese - Chef Sabrina Mancin

Focaccia Pugliese

Crispy on the bottom, airy on the inside and full of flavor throughout! This recipe is from my YouTube video about Focaccia. Check it out for a complete demonstration on the procedure.


Yield: 4 focaccia of 500g each
• All purpose flour* 730g = 26oz
• Semola** 313g = 11oz
• Instant dry yeast 4g = 0.14oz = 1 tsp
• Water (at around 60-68F or 15-20C) 768g = 27oz
• Extra virgin olive oil 107g = 4oz + more for each baking pan
• Lard (or vegetable shortening) 43g = 1.5oz
• Sugar 4g = 0.14oz = 1 tsp
• Kosher salt 31g = 1oz
• Toppings: crushed canned tomatoes seasoned with salt and pepper, anchovies, cherry tomatoes, rosemary, evoo, Maldon salt, chili oil, pitted olives, sautéed onions, dried oregano, etc. Whatever your heart desires.
• You are also going to need some disposable aluminum tins, loaf pans, a sheet tray or square pans to bake the focaccia in.


* I use King Arthur Baking “All Purpose” or “Sir Galahad” Flour. The protein content in this flour is 11.7%. Just in case you are in a different country, make sure you use a flour with a similar protein content. This is also the equivalent to the French 55 flour.

**Semola is a thinner or finer ground Semolina. You can easily find semola online but you could also just substitute for semolina.

I hope you love this focaccia as much as I do. Happy baking!

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