Evoo Ice Cream with Cherry Balsamic Vinegar - Chef Sabrina Mancin

Evoo Ice Cream with Cherry
Balsamic Vinegar

This is a play on the traditional “Amarena” gelato which has a Fior di Latte (cream) base and a sour cherry topping.


The total quantity for a gelato shop or to make in a commercial batch freezer is 4000 grams which will fill a 5 Liter gelato pan.

The total quantity to make at home is 2000 grams or about 2 quarts which should fit most home ice cream machines.

Some of the ingredients between the two recipes are different but this was done on purpose to provide the best final product according to each case.

Industrial Gelato Machine

Cherry balcsanic vinegar for the top Cherries tis decorate ( fresh or frozen)




Decorate with some fresh or frozen pitted cherries and enjoy!

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