Coquito - Chef Sabrina Mancin


Coquito is the Puerto Rican version of Eggnog. You will always find it at every single Holiday gathering and I personally like it better than eggnog because it does not have eggs which can be a bit heavy and strong in flavor. The coconut milk ads a delicious tropical touch.


• x1- 14 fl oz = 396mL can of sweetened condensed milk
• x1- 12 fl oz = 340mL can of evaporated milk
• x1- 13.5 fl oz = 400mL can of coconut milk
• 1 tsp Kosher salt
• 1 tsp ground cinnamon*
• ½ cup of dark rum*
• Ice cubes for serving

*Cinnamon and Rum: you can add more or less depending on your test and how strong you want your drink.


This is extremely simple and fast to make which also makes it a perfect homemade, inexpensive and always appreciate it Holiday gift. I buy original looking containers or bottles, put a bow and tag on them and gift them to my friends and family. Let’s just say I’m very loved by everyone after this ☺

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