Brown Butter Caramelized Orange Marmalade - Chef Sabrina Mancin

Brown Butter Caramelized Orange Marmalade

I have to say without any modesty at all that this one my friends…it’s a Masterpiece! Really, the flavor is so, so intense and delicious you won’t believe your tastebuds. It is also incredibly versatile because it is not the typical marmalade that you identify as simply sweet. The brown butter and the caramelized sugar give it an amazing complexity that it is hard to explain, making it perfect for sweet but also savory applications. Check out my IGTV on Instagram for a complete how-to video!


• 56g = ½ stick of unsalted butter
• 390g = 2 Navel oranges (go to procedure for instructions)
• 58g = 2oz Sugar

Equipment: A thermometer is recommended.



Serve over crusty bread and/or burrata cheese, in a chocolate cake, add to a chutney, inside a crepe… I mean, the possibilities are endless!

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