Bomboloni - Chef Sabrina Mancin


Bomboloni are traditional Italian donuts filled with different creams like pastry cream and Nutella. The whole process is in my YouTube video so check it out for a complete class on the procedure!


• 56g Water (room temperature)
• 10g Dry yeast
• 82g Whole milk (or 2% at room temp.)
• 126g Sugar
• 104g Eggs, whole (2 eggs)
• 14g Vanilla paste or extract
• 7g (about) Zest of a whole orange
• 1.5g (1/2 tsp) Cinnamon, ground
• 0.66g (2/3 tsp) Nutmeg, ground
• 420g Unbleached all purpose flour
• 34g Cornstarch
• 9g Kosher salt
• 56g Butter, unsalted
• Vegetable oil for frying (canola, evoo, or a mix)
• Sugar for covering them
• Your favorite creams such as vanilla pastry cream, Nutella, dulce de leche, etc.

Preferred piping tip: Ateco #230 or a small star or round tip such as Ateco #822 or #803


Enjoy these sinfully good donuts while they are just coming to room temperature. Buon Carnevale!

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