Be Mine Cocktail - Chef Sabrina Mancin

Be Mine Cocktail

This drink combines liquors from two of my favorite countries, Italy and South Africa plus some delicious chocolate milk. Made with “Amarula”, a South African liquor made with the fruit from the marula tree, cream and sugar, resulting in a flavor similar to Baileys’ and “Frangelico”, an Italian hazelnut liquor. Combine these two wonders with chocolate and you get this creamy rich delicious cocktail.



• 170g = 1 cup Semi-sweet chocolate chips
• 220g = 1 cup 2% or whole milk

(quantities for one drink)

• 3oz = 80g Amarula
• 1.5oz = 20g Frangelico
• 2 ¼ oz = 64g Chocolate milk


Pour in your chilled glasses and enjoy finishing any romantic Valentine’s Day dinner…or any special night.

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