Chef Sabrina Mancin

Born in Caracas Venezuela,

The blend of these two cultures with the Venezuelan, and the fact that my Argentinean grandmother lived with us resulted in a person with a deeply rooted culture and passion for good food. Both grandmothers, just as most grandmothers in the World, were amazing cooks. Though my Argentinean grandmother was a true entertainer and most certainly a better cook than many of the chefs I know today. Her art in the kitchen and her deep understanding of FLAVOR has stayed with me forever.

After finishing high school in Venezuela I moved to the United States, where I obtained an Economics degree from the University of Virginia.

During my college years I entertained in my small apartment and the best break I could give myself from all the numbers and equations was going home to prepare myself lunch. Those four amazing years taught me that food in the US expands way beyond the stereotypical cheeseburger. That the melting pot of cultures have left this country with a fantastic array of foods that are as regional as in any European country.

The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

After college I decided to go to culinary school

At the same time I opened Boccato, my own catering company in Miami, which also functioned during the weekdays as a café for four office buildings. Catering was the other side of the spectrum; it was fun, extremely creative and gave me the experience with larger crowds.

I then decided to expand my knowledge in cuisine and went to Italy for a two-week program at the Italian Culinary Institute (ICI). A year later I became part of their staff and alternated my time teaching in Italy and catering in Miami.
The four years I taught there were incredibly enriching as a chef. I learned about regionalism and the importance of respecting the products and dishes that have lasted for centuries in a particular region or small town.
Seasonality was a foreign concept coming from the US and having to figure out what to do with an abundance of one product only once or twice a year lead me to learn about the millennial art of conserving and curing.
Knowledge in hearth baking, fresh pasta, risotto, regional cuisine, pastries, cheese making and endless new ingredients and dishes made me a much more well-rounded chef.

My passion and an art that gives me immense joy.

Though nothing has come closer to my heart than learning about artisan gelato A Making gelato like it used to be made, or better yet, like it should always be made is my passion and an art that gives me immense joy.

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